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Many people and companies are helping us with free contributions.

We would like to thank them all with their name on this list.

If I forgot somebody, .

Lykonos - Perugia Internet access & these pages Home Page
Linea Informatica BAMB.I. project; MacIntosh Performa 630, technical help Home Page
Edmark/IONA software & Various educational CDs Home Page
Broderbund & Laura Lee Various CDs and Living books Home Page
Netscape Coorp. Netscape Navigator Home Page
Mathias Tschopp Quickeditor
James Shaw Frog Xing
Karl Bunker Snavely!
Carl Limsico Short Circuit
Dongleware Tubular Worlds Home Page
Roger Kemper & New reality Ent. Mac Attack
Federico Filipponi Macpipes
David McCullough Dobson Snood Home page
Dario Accornero PacMac Deluxe
Steve Chamberlin Tetris Max
QKumber Speed bump Home Page
Greg Katsoulis Firefly Frenzy
Didier & Oliver Guillion Awale Home page
Discis Many educational CDs for kids Home page
Casady & Greene AmoebArena, Glider Pro, and other games Home Page
Mondadori New Media Right on band, Wolfgang il cyberlupo Strada Privata Momdadori 1, 20090 Segrate, Milano
De Agostini Multimedia Italian Living books, Fantacitta' Direzione Multimedia Via Montefeltro 6/a 20156 Milano - Fax 02-38086
Blizzard Entertainment WarCraft Home Page
magnet Intercative Icebreaker and other games Home page
MGE Communications Le Fiabe di Nietta
Alessandro Levi Montalcini NoDesktopCleanup & Keyquencer
Maurizio Prattico Christmas party, English translations
Fabrizio Mencarini Software Setup, HTML coding
Claudia De Petris some Italian Web Pages editing
Vincenzo Palleschi Great karaoke midi songs for children Home page
Playground Vitamin
Gabriele Giottoli Software Setup
Carlo Olivieri Pennesi Software Setup
Marco Fagiolini Music Jingles
Daniel Clav Star Beebop
Marco Tortoioli Bamb.I. logo
Suzanne Lynn Cappello English translations
Erin Buttermore English translations
Roberto Barbadori Ciccio Pasticcio program
Smokin' Software Grid Warrior Home Page

A very special thank goes to all the people of the
"Associazione Daniele Chianelli"
and to the Grifolatte - Perugia.

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